Blockchain Life

Making Sense of the Metaverse, NFTs, Cryptocurrency, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Web3

The World Is About to Change.
Will You Be Ready or Get Left Behind?

The biggest revolution in history is unfolding right before our eyes. The new internet is upon us, blending two worlds—digital and physical. Today’s dreams are tomorrow’s reality. Science fiction is now science fact—made possible through blockchain technology.

This book is a simple map to help you navigate the noise and discern between hype and hope. With unbiased expertise, the authors unpack the pros and cons of the metaverse, NFTs, virtual reality, augmented reality, cryptocurrencies, and much more.

Easy IP™

Intellectual Property Protection for the Web3 World

Humanity has officially moved into Web3, the “new version of the Internet.” Leveraging blockchain technology and smart contracts we’ve developed a patent-pending proprietary process that protects your IP cheaper, faster, easier.